Esko – New platemaking machines, software for drupa

xps esko 5080 platemaker
The XPS Crystal 5080, a new flexo plate LED-UV exposure device, combines UV main and back exposure in a single operation

GERMANY • Esko announced it will introduce new flexo platemaking machines at drupa (Hall 8B, Stand A23) that it says will increase consistency and simplify the platemaking operation. The XPS Crystal 5080, a new flexo plate LED-UV exposure device, combines UV main and back exposure in a single operation. The CDI Crystal 5080, a new digital flexo plate imager, uses Esko’s CDI LAMS ablation laser and high resolution optics. The new CDI contains a glass plate table, which is used to transfer flexo plates onto the imaging drum and to transport the plate after imaging to the XPS device.

The CDI Crystal 5080 XPS connects the two to integrate and automate flexo plate imaging and exposure, cutting the number of manual handling steps by 50% compared to other technologies and reducing the time needed to produce a press-ready plate by almost 70%, the company said. The new CDI and XPS devices are simple to use and require less operator training and service intervention.


The CDI Crystal 5080, the XPS 5080 standalone exposure device and the CDI Crystal 5080 XPS combined imaging and exposure device will be commercially available at drupa. The 4835 and 4260 sizes of the CDI and XPS Crystal technology will be commercially available from Q4 2016 onwards. The XPS Crystal 5080 will also be available as a companion product to the currently installed CDI base.

The company also announced its new module, Automation Engine Device View. By moving operational control upstream in the production workflow to the prepress department, Esko said it can better integrate flexo platemaking with the prepress workflow. The new module monitors job status and controls and drives flexo plate making operations. The work in progress, the status and queues of all connected devices are visualized on screen, which Esko said gives the prepress department all of the necessary information to prioritize and manipulate platemaking queues.

Esko Crystal technology will also be featuring at partner stands such as DuPont (Hall 8b, Stand C21).

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