Feldmuehle Uetersen – Environmentally friendly solution for flexible packaging

GERMANY • The company now offers a heat-sealable paper solution for packaging manufacturers and packing companies.

The coated paper with a heat-sealable reverse side can be used on existing packaging lines and can be recycled in the waste paper cycle. The Dutch copack service provider NOMI Co-Packing has already produced and filled stand-up pouches with the new material.

“For applications which don’t require a barrier function from the material, our product offers an environmentally friendly alternative, made primarily from cellulose instead of plastics,” explains Stefan Eitze, Technical Marketing Manager at Feldmuehle. The material gets its sealing functionality during the paper production process with a water-based dispersion coating applied. It is repulpable in the waste paper recycling process, so that the raw materials can be reused. The material is also extremely user-friendly, supporting a simple and controlled tearing opening of the packaging for the consumer. Therefore, perforations and notches that are necessary for opening film packaging are not required with this paper-based material.

Available with a high white, glossy or matt surface, the product is suitable for

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