Ferrarini & Benelli – Visits triple from last drupa

Bikappa Polimetal corona treatment
Bikappa Polimetal corona treating unit at drupa
Corona Treating Unit type Bikappa Polimetal
Bikappa Polimetal corona treatment unit running at drupa

ITALY • Ferrarini & Benelli announced it had a successful drupa with triple the number of visitor at the booth compared to the 2012 show. It had a strong international interest, in line with drupa’s own numbers. In the European area, Italians made up 25% of the total visits, followed by Germans, Spanish, Polish and French. Two other areas it had growth in were the Asian markets (in particular India, China and Taiwan) and American markets (above all USA, Argentina and Mexico). Also on the increase were visitors from South Africa, Israel and Iran, it said.

The company proposed corona treating stations suitable for all type of materials, conductive and non-conductive. Polimetal, for instance, which is suitable for single and double-sided treatment of both conductive and non-conductive materials: plastic and metallised film, paper and aluminium foil and also laminates. With electrodes and ceramic rollers, it is used on flexographic and rotogravure printing, laminating and coating machines and on every type of converting equipment up to 600 m/min (1,969 fpm). Another solution, Bikappa Polimetal was installed during drupa on a roll-to-sheet laminating line for treating the film once laminated.

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