Flint Group- Launches rotec Eco Bridge adapter with breathable metal ring

The new rotec Eco Bridge from Flint Group Flexographic Products(Photo Credit: Flint)

LUXEMBOURG • Flint Group officially launches its patent-pending rotec Eco Bridge for use in flexographic printing presses and on plate-mounting equipment.

The new rotec Eco Bridge from Flint Group Flexographic Products (Image: Flint)

The rotec Eco Bridge is an adapter with a breathable metal ring at the operator side which creates an air pillow to allow better sleeve mounting. Many adapters only have four to eight air stream holes to help mount the sleeves. In comparison, according to Flint, the rotec Eco Bridge forms a ring of air across the entire circumference of the adapter.


The company also claims that the rotec Eco Bridge requires reduced air volumes as well. A standard adapter normally needs about 720 l/min of compressed air at six bar of pressure to mount a sleeve. Flint says the rotec Eco Bridge can achieve the same results with only 50-70 l/min, and the required pressure can sometimes be reduced. This is a more than 90 % reduction in air volume needed. Not only is this a significant cost savings, but reduced air volume also equates to much less noise. A working rotec Eco Bridge produces decibel levels a little over normal room noise (< 60 dB) compared to a typical adapter set-up at ≥ 85 dB.

Press operators benefit from using the rotec Eco Bridge for easier sleeve mounting, cost savings, and reduced noise. According to Flint, at the first product trial in Germany, an unnamed customer said “Mounting is much easier than before. The noise is significantly less than normal. But the best thing is we can de-mount the 420 mm Repeat Sleeve with one hand, without effort. Perfect development for our pre-press operation.”

Flint Group develops, manufactures and markets a portfolio of printing consumables and printing equipment including: a range of conventional and energy curable inks and coatings for most offset, flexographic and gravure applications; pressroom chemicals, printing blankets and sleeves for offset printing; photopolymer printing plates and sleeves, plate-making equipment and flexographic sleeve systems; pigments and additives for use in inks and other colourant applications. Flint Group also designs, develops and delivers web-fed digital colour presses for labels and packaging applications, document printing, as well as commercial printing as well as platemaking equipment for the newspaper industry and computer-to-plate (CtP) solutions for the commercial printing market.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, Flint Group employs some 7900 people.

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