Flint Group – nyloflex FTC digital plate for corrugated postprint introduced

Flint claims the nyloflex FTC Digital can provide fluting reduction (Source, Flint)

GERMANY • The expanded product range with a further inherent flat top dot flexo plate provides fluting reduction on various corrugated boards from fine to rough flute. The Flint Group claims the nyloflex FTC (Flat Top Dot plate for Corrugated Postprint) digital plate offers increased print quality with sharply defined elements, text and codes. The new flexo plate features enhanced ink transfer that can also result in smooth solids with even ink laydown.

Flint claims the nyloflex FTC Digital can provide fluting reduction (Source, Flint)

“With a continuing trend for lower quality liners due to cost reasons, however, uncompromised requirements for quality printing, printers, retailers and brand owners demand good quality in corrugated postprint, both for superior liners and more challenging materials,” says Dr. Eva Freudenthaler, vice president technology, Flint Group.


“With the development of nyloflex FTC Plate, we therefore had two focal points with regard to print quality – to reduce the fluting effect across many different liner qualities and to further enhance the quality of fine highlight screens in corrugated postprint – while at the same time keeping it simple for the pre-press operation by providing a plate that can be processed like any normal digital printing plate,” says Freudenthaler.

On the press, Flint Group claims the new inherent flat top dot flexo plate can offer increased consistency due to less dot gain tolerances, higher wear resistance and print-run stability, also at increased press speeds. The new photopolymer flexo printing plate will be available in several thicknesses, from 2.84 mm (.112”) up to 6.35 mm (.250”) as of July 2017.

Interested customers can request free test kits and a specially launched promotion box with print samples in 4c and 2c, printed with the nyloflex plate and waterbased ink on different substrates.

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