Fujifilm – Processless plate added to the Superia product range


Fujifilm Corporation launched a new processless plate at drupa, Superia ZD, which is available as part of its Superia portfolio. Fujifilm has built on the technologies behind its PRO-T3 processless plate to make Superia ZD compatible with UV ink and ideal for longer run jobs, it said.

The processless plate incorporates three technologies – MGZ, HDN and s-HDS. MGZ is a new graining structure to ensure optimum ink/water balance on press. This new plate structure enhances the adhesion between the substrate and the exposed image, according to the company. In order to ensure compatibility with UV inks, a new accelerator has been introduced. As a result, optical energy is used to cross-link the binders to produce a high density network (HDN). This HDN technology ensures the exposed image has a higher resistance against UV inks and related press chemicals. The company’s new s-HDS technology optimises the water holding properties of the surface of the non-image area, which enhances the resistance to toning and improves ink/water balance, it said.

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