Hamillroad Software – DuPont Cyrel Easy plates for use with Bellissima DMS

UK • The prepress company has announced that Cyrel Easy Plates have been approved for use with Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening (DMS).

Bellissima DMS is distributed by anilox and metering solutions provider Apex International, with whom Hamillroad Software formed Aniken Graphics International LLP, a joint venture created to bring this product into the flexo mainstream.


Using Bellissima, high-quality prints equivalent to 350-450 lpi are produced at a high level of image reproduction and no color shifts on misregistration. By utilizing fixed palette inks the screening delivers smooth flat tints and moiré free prints. Vignettes fade smoothly to nothing enabled by printed highlight dots as low as 1.0% and shadow dots up to 99.5%.

Working optimally at 4,000 dpi, the patented screening includes features such as 100% solid surface patterning options and solid object protection. Printing press issues including bounce, barring and slur are all reduced significantly, and in some cases, eliminated. Bellissima DMS also delivers on ink savings, which can be augmented by GCR based software, improves the efficiency of the press room, and utilizes existing printing press equipment.

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