Kodak – A new aqueous platemaking technology

USA • The Flexcel NX Ultra solution enables the solvent-free, VOC-free, water-based plate processing that can deliver a press-ready plate in less than an hour and sustain clean, consistent plates in a high-volume production environment.

Enabled by the new and patent-pending Ultra Clean technology, the Flexcel NX Ultra solution is said to be the first aqueous solution that provides consistent, high-performing flexo plates in a high volume, low maintenance environment.

It includes the Flexcel NX system for imaging paired with the new Flexcel NX Ultra processing system and the new Flexcel NX Ultra plate, delivering a complete end-to-end plate making solution. The all-in-one processing system combines exposure, washout, drying and finishing in a robust system with automated cleaning cycles.

The Flexcel NX Ultra plates utilize the Kodak flat top dot structure and are fully compatible with Kodak’s NX Advantage technology and patented Advanced Edge Definition for optimum ink transfer control during printing. The plates will be available in thicknesses of 1.14 mm (0.04”) and 1.70 mm 0.07”) and are suitable for flexible packaging, label, and paperboard applications. The first product to be made available will be the Flexcel NX Ultra 35 solution, which can produce plates up to 889 x 1219.2 mm (35” x 48”) in size. Product is due to ship in the first quarter of 2019, initially for the North American market.

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