Lüscher – New imaging optics and cooperation with Hybrid Software

The new Multi Resolution Optics FleXtreme! is now available for the digital imaging system line XPose! FlexLine 330 and 360 (Source: Lüscher Technologies)

SWITZERLAND/GERMANY • Lüscher Technologies developed the new Multi Resolution Optics FleXtreme! for their digital imaging system line XPose! FlexLine 330 and 360. With this imaging system, any resolution customarily used in the printing industry such as 2400 / 2540 / 4000 / 4800 / 5080 dpi can be selected by the push of a button. Due to the design of these optics, no loss of speed is to be expected even when imaging high resolutions of 4000 dpi or more. FleXtreme! is available now and existing systems may be upgraded.

 With immediate effect, the data for cutting plotters such as Zünd, Kongsberg and others may now be directly sent from the front end of the Xpose! FlexLine to the respective cutting plotter.


 Furthermore, Lüscher Technologies AG and Hybrid Software in Freiburg, Germany have agreed on a global joint venture enabling them to offer comprehensive solutions to their prepress customers. The first system installations resulting of this cooperation are operating at Orbafless s.r.l. in San Felice sul Panaro/Italy and at Reproflex Brasov in Romania. Both customers have two XPose! FlexLine 360 (50“x80“) systems each, with Full HD resolution 5080 dpi and combined with the workflow package Packz by Hybrid Software.

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