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Martin Automatic
The Martin Automatic stand showcased a range of the company’s technology
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The Martin Automatic stand showcased a range of the company’s technology

GERMANY • Martin Automatic called drupa 2016 a success, and not only for the machine orders taken at the expo. Known principally as a manufacturer of roll handling systems for the converting industry, the company found that visitor interest in its technology extended into new and diverse applications with a variety of materials. To match drupa’s broadening appeal, the Martin stand was designed as an interactive microcosm of the company’s knowledge and skill in automatic roll change, tension control, web handling and the principles and dynamics of web transport, and as such facilitated wide ranging discussions with visitors whose requirements were many and varied.

Highlights on the stand included a hands-on roller display, where visitors were able to experience the weight differences of three idler shells, each 3 metres (10 ft) long.  The Airnertia and MDR roller demo allowed visitors to see the practical effects of roller mass on rotational inertia. Airnertia is Martin’s patented roller technology that uses a near frictionless air bearing system to minimise roller inertia.  Magnetic Driven Roller (MDR) technology actively accelerates or decelerates idlers rollers as the process dictates, to the impact of idler roller inertia and bearing friction.


Another popular display on the stand was Martin’s TMSL automatic splicer, which demonstrated how to unwind and splice both spooled and pancake rolls of film, nonwovens, or foam, using taped or tapeless technology.

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