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USA • Microscan announced it offers data acquisition and analytical solutions to prevent errors in manufacturing and increase product quality and production efficiency. The strengths of the its products are the all-in-one solution in terms of capturing and processing images of printed labels and packaging and analysing production goods against gold standards. They ensure the accuracy of data within labels and packaging, but also that cosmetic defects are prevented from being applied to final product. These solutions enable manufacturers to detect where there may be inefficiencies in their printing equipment that may be causing repeat errors to minimize exhaustion of resources. Built-in quality specifications for ISO/IEC print quality grading and GS1 and HIBCC validation offer 100% compliance.

The LVS products are used by manufacturers in medical device manufacturing, food and beverage, retail and cosmetic packaging, and pharmaceuticals for eliminating waste and costly errors in labelling. The products address customer labelling requirements, regulations such as UDI (Unique Device Identification), PTI (Product Traceability Initiative), FPLA (Fair Packaging and Labelling Act), serialization requirements and more.


The products range from barcode readers and barcode quality verification systems to machine vision inspection for print accuracy and product integrity. Off-line barcode verifiers can be used to analyse newly-created labels for print quality defects or barcode data inaccuracies. These systems grade barcodes against quality parameters required in ISO/IEC barcode quality standards. The systems are also engineered with software for validating the data and organization of data encoded in barcodes against GS1 and HIBCC specifications for barcode compliance.

The company also said it offers a series of modular print quality inspection solutions that can be integrated on any packaging line or into equipment such as thermal label printers, web printers and presses, slitter/rewinders, folder gluers, conveyers, finishing machines, and most other types of printing machinery. These systems offer barcode verification as well as blemish detection, Delta E colour process control, validation of accurate sequential or random data, OCR, OCV, and other error identification. Systems can be incorporated into packaging lines so that found errors are monitored in real time from displays and set to send alerts for found errors or initiate rejections or marking over the erroneous label (in the case of thermal printers). The systems are equipped with line scan and area scan camera options, with lighting and angles appropriate for meeting quality verification via ISO/IEC.

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