Omet – Solvent-base flexo for the Varyflex V2 platform press

The Omet Varyflex V2 offers the use of both solvent-based and UV curing inks (Source: Omet)

ITALY • The Omet Varyflex V2 is said to a most flexible narrow- and mid-web press for packaging printing and converting. Thanks to its unique platform design, it is able to combine a wide range of printing and finishing technologies in-line. This includes flexo, gravure, screen and offset printing, while hot or cold foil processes can be integrated in order to supply a complete range of finishing. This configurations include the integration of drying an curing stations for both UV and solvent-base flexo printing units.

Solvent-base flexo printing is mainly used in food packaging printing, in particular on plastic films, laminates or aluminum material for yogurt lids. Such inks are much cheaper than UV inks, but they need to be cured through specific hot air drying systems.  Omet offers a wide range of hot air drying modules with different dimensions to better fit into the machine. It is also possible to combine UV curing and hot air drying systems on the same flexo unit. Performance of the Varyflex V2 is improved by interchangeable groups that can be moved everywhere in-between the flexo stations according to the job to be printed.


The Varyflex V2  is available with web width 430 mm (16”7/8), 530 mm (20”7/8), 670 mm (26”3/8), 850 mm (33”4/8) and confers the possibility to print with solvent-base flexo or rotogravure technology in the full compliance with international standards and Atex regulations in terms of explosion-proof equipment, which guarantees a safe working environment.

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