Vetaphone – New film tester released

Vetaphone has a patent application for its new iCorona Film Tester, which is designed to analyse the amount of surface treatment required for any given substrate
DENMARK • The difficulty with Corona treatment is that most converters know they need it, but don’t know whether they are using it correctly – it is not a “set and forget” technology! The inventors of Corona, Vetaphone, have come up with a solution that will make a converter’s life easier – a testing machine. 

Maxcess — New high-speed centering shaft

With its single-circuit air system and bladders that can be replaced in less than five minutes, it is designed to minimize downtime both during roll changes and scheduled maintenance
USA • Maxcess announced the release of its Tidland Cyclone high-speed centering shaft, which enables faster production through its ability to center and grip cores concentrically about the shaft. The new shaft increases throughput by minimizing roll loping and machine vibration, the company said.

Paper Converting Machine Company – New flexo press unveiled

The event Impact 2016 featured the unveiling of the company’s Fusion C press
USA • Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) announce that more than 275 people attended its event, Impact 2016 on August 3 at its global headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The event featured the unveiling of the company’s Fusion C press, which introduced the press with a live curtain drop and allowed interactive demonstrations.

Kodak – drupa visitors impressed with digitally customizable flexo plate

Kodak’s Flexcel NX System ’16 includes features that customize the plate to provide optimum ink transfer capabilities
GERMANY • At drupa, Kodak shared new technologies that offer a practical solution to this challenge: The wide variety of substrates and ink types used in flexo printing make it one of the most versatile of all the print processes used in package production, but these can also provide headaches for the plate maker.