Bobst – Claims the AluBond process is a breakthrough in high metal adhesion

Bobst’s new AluBond provides high metal adhesion and surface energy levels through vaccum metalization (Source: Bobst)
SWITZERLAND • Generally, the printing industry is dealing with the common problem of poor metal adhesion due to de-lamination. Traditional metallization, even with plasma treatment, can result in poor metal to polymer substrate bonding. This produces de-lamination which leads to packaging failure and results in product rejects and loss of reputation. Part of the problem is…

Constantia Flexibles – Anti-counterfeit packaging to rule out product piracy

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To rule out counterfeits, packaging manufacturer Constantia Flexibles offers effective solutions to meet this crucial task (Source: Constantia Flexibles)
AUSTRIA • Counterfeit pharmaceutical and food products put consumers’ health and the identity of brands at risk. To rule out such counterfeits, packaging manufacturer Constantia Flexibles offers innovative packaging solutions to meet this crucial task.

Bobst – New vacuum metallizing K5 Vision introduced

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The new Bobst K5 Vision is a compact vacuum metallizer designed for flexible packaging converters and CPP/PE film producers (Source: Bobst)
SWITZERLAND • Designed for flexible packaging converters and CPP/PE film producers, the compact new K5 Vision is designed to handle a wide variety of different film types including heat sensitive films and thin gauge substrates. It can run at speeds up to 840m/min (33”), is available in widths from 1250mm to 2450mm (49” to 96,5”)…

Celplast – Offers metalized film replacements

Celplast offers metalized film substitutes for Chinese aluminum foils (Source, Celplast)
CANADA • Since the US Department of Commerce investigation on Chinese aluminum foil imports have now resulted in preliminary antidumping duties ranging from 96% to 162%, on top of preliminary countervailing duties in the range of 16% to 81%, the aluminum foil market has been impacted and many converters are looking for new products for their…

W&H – Over 1000 installations of the Turboclean Advanced E

W&H claims Turboclean is able to optimize the inking unit and allow the ink to be changed more quickly (Source, W&H)
GERMANY • With over 1,000 systems already integrated into central cylinder machines worldwide, W&H has recently upgraded and supplemented the Turboclean Advanced with a new variant, the E, which features low-maintenance electric pumps. Around 50 units have already been sold since the Drupa 2016, which the company claims is further proof of the high interest in…

Flint Group – new rotec ULW Bridge launched

Flint Group claims that the new rotec ULW is 65% lighter compared to similar products on the marketplace (Source: Flint)
GERMANY • With increasing demand in the printing industry for equipment that enables more frequent and faster job changes on press, Flint Group has officially launched the new rotec ULW Bridge to join its lightweight group of sleeves and adapters. Flint claims that the rotec ULW Bridge is an ultra lightweight polyurethane adapter offering up to…

Schawk – Quality management solutions driving new ISO standards

The Schawk ColorDrive print quality programs and tools will add support for new ISO standards 20654 (SCTV, Spot Color Tone Value) and 20616 (PQX, Print Quality Exchange) in 2018 (Source: Schawk)
USA • Schawk, a part of the SGK Brand Solutions group of Matthews International Corporation, announced that their ColorDrive print quality programs and tools will add support for new ISO standards 20654 (SCTV, Spot Color Tone Value) and 20616 (PQX, Print Quality Exchange) in 2018.

Conprinta – Corrugated pre-print machines for small runs

Conprinta’s IMD machines were developed as flexographic systems for producing preprint corrugated products (Source: Conprinta)
GERMANY • One of today’s market challenges for corrugated box manufacturers is to deal with the inherent complexity of running an increasing share of small volume, high graphics box orders on demand. For this purpose, Conprinta Printing Technology offers a Hybrid Preprint with combined analog and digital print in a designated press.