Sibress – Measuring device for the quality control of flexo plates

Sibress FlexoControl 3D Plus is a measuring device for flexo plates, to observe and measure in 2D and 3D as well as for illustrated LAMS plates. (Source: Sibress)

GERMANY • FlexoControl 3D Plus is a mobile plate measuring device for the analysis of production parameters during flexo plate production. It measures screen rulings on flexo plates in a fineness between 30 and 85/cm (80-216 lpi).

The system is provided with a optical system with increased enlargement, which better and more precisely captures the side and flank view of the screen dots. The tool was also further developed to measure relief depths, flank angles as well as the base (ground area) of the printing dots.


According to the manufacturer, the FlexoControl 3D Plus is the only flexo measuring device that simultaneously captures the surface as well as the lower dot areas and their base from the side. Two cameras record the surface and flanks of the dots, whereby the side camera can detect the entire visible area thanks to a newly developed method. The new aperture control of the side camera additionally permits the adjustment to the lighting or the requirements of different plate materials and dots. Both functions together make it possible to show every point in the image in sharp resolution to display even the finest details.

All screen dots in the active measuring range are captured and analyzed and evaluated by the Versatile flex software and thanks to the split screen mode, images can be compared directly with each other. The user sees the evaluation of parameters such as the tonal value, dot width, ddot diameter as well as dot scope on the one side. The Screen dot is shown from the side in the window next to it, which can be evaluated with the further developed tool for geometric measurements. Other functions include the measurement of color controls, CMYK evaluations, statistics, the saving of measurement curves or the automatic creation of measurement protocols with images in PDF format.

Another excellent feature of the FlexoControl 3D Plus is the automatic calibration. Together with an optional laser edged calibrating target, the fully automatic calibration ensures the permanent accuracy of measurements. The side camera look is calibrated in the factory in the X, Y and Z axes, whereby the Z calibration is additionally compared with a special microscope in an independently developed procedure.

FlexoControl 3D Plus is available in a mobile version consisting of a measuring device and transparency unit or as a stationary model. The measuring device is guided onto a holding arm for the stationary version and immediately reaches the selected measuring position while being lowered. The stationary version of FlexoControl 3D Plus will soon have a micrometer connection so that precise plate thicknesses can be determined as well. Furthermore, Sibress will implement other useful software functions as well as a device for measuring sleeves with FlexoControl 3D Plus.

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