Toyo Inks – Non-volatile EB curing flexo ink for flexible packaging

JAPAN • The main value drivers that continue to lead the global packaging market are operational efficiency, food packaging safety, reduced energy consumption, cleaner work environment, and a greener earth (lower CO2 footprint).

In 2017, Toyo Ink research labs in Japan solved the technical challenge of non-evaporative wet trapping in flexo with the development of the Elex-one FL series of EB curable inks for CI flexo printing. Since other EB flexo inks contain a small percentage of volatiles (solvents and water), a small trace of such ink components may evaporate during printing. In contrast, Elex-one is a completely non-volatile ink so there is no concern for the evaporation of volatile materials. This allows for a fire-safe and VOC-free work environment and ensures stable viscosity and consistency of inks for the whole print run. Thus, this new ink enables a completely solvent-free and water-free printing technique where each ink layer is applied on to the substrate without any back-trapping or mixing of inks and all this without the aid of interstation dryers.

Elex-one is a completely non-volatile EB curing ink for non-evaporative wet trapping (Source: Toyo Inks)

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