Toyobo – The Cosmolight water-washable LAMS plate

The Toyobo Cosmolight water washable flexo plate (Source: Toyobo)

The Toyobo Cosmolight water washable flexo plate supports print shops in stabilizing the production process, while also bringing additional benefits. Processed in water with only a small amount of mild detergent, the plate does not absorb water. Therefore, it does not swell, which keeps the plates stable throughout the entire plate making process by providing consistent plate thickness and as a result consistent print quality. And it also ensures numerous savings such as time and energy savings.

The LAM layer laminated to the photopolymer is a soluble film that prevents oxygen from influencing the printing dots negatively. This allows for further process stability and controlled print results. Besides the unique chemical composition of the Toyobo water washable flexo plate creates optimum surface energy allowing optimum ink transfer. This allows optimal ink laydown at minimal printing pressure, enabling a near 1:1 reproduction. And the wide exposure latitude of the Cosmolight plates, enables the printer to print crisp dots as well as negatives and solids on the same plate.

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