Trelleborg – Adapter deal with Inometa

SWEDEN • Trelleborg and Inometa  made an agreement, in which each will sell specified products made by the other company from the beginning of 2018.

Inometa specializes in the manufacture of carbon fiber cylinders and related products for high speed/demanding applications and this includes high end bridge adapters for flexo applications. Axcyl, part of Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation, is a leading brand of flexo plate mounting sleeves and adapters for flexo presses.


Damien Leterrier, Axcyl sales and application manager, says: “Trelleborg will add to its Axcyl range Inometa’s Inoflex pneumatic and hydraulic adapters. With these products within the Axcyl range, we will be able to supply a combination of sleeve and adapter that meets any particular flexo press requirements. In addition, we will have access to spares for hydraulic carbon fiber adapters, allowing us to provide maintenance and service in this area of technology for the first time.”

Christof Schotten, General Manager of Inometa, says: “We have a strong sales presence in Germany which, as the biggest flexo market in Europe, is obviously very important. We will now be able to offer Axcyl plate mounting sleeve technology direct to end users with an initial focus in Germany. The Axcyl sleeves that we will sell have been tailored by Trelleborg to ensure the optimum performance on the press when used with Inometa adapters.”

Although the deal between the companies is a global one, the roll-out of the newly combined lines will initially be focused on specific countries, so that the strengths of existing sales channels can be utilized in the most effective way. Each company will handle sales, installation and training of the range they sell and cross-training of technical personnel has already been intense.

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