Uflex – Different variants of extrusion lamination machines available

The EL-1300 extrusion lamination machine is now available in different variants (Source: Uflex)

Responding to an ever-increasing demand from the convertors’ sector, Uflex launched the EL-1300 extrusion lamination machine in India 2016. In the meantime the machine received great feedback from Indian convertors and turned out to be a huge success. Innovation to create value added differentiation being the guiding vector at Uflex, the quest for re-engineering to come up with something more evolved and endearing for convertors to address their needs towards various types of applications continued.

Ajay Tandon, president and CEO, engineering business, Uflex Limited said: “This re-engineering and value addition gave birth to extrusion coating/laminators as mono extruder, co-extruder and tandem Extruder variants. To meet the principal application of extrusion coating/lamination, mono extruder is good enough. However, considering the running costs and flexibility to play with various polymers, co-extruders are getting increasingly popular. In addition co-extruders also play an important role towards enhancing barrier properties owing to multi-layered combination. Tandem extruder has been designed so as to execute multi-layered jobs in single run for saving upon the process time.”


He continues: “We have a powerful feedback loop that helps us tapping the pulse of the market at all times. It is for this important feedback which we received from the Convertors’ fraternity that we were able to give unparalleled features to the extrusion coating/laminators including auto adjustment of the silicone belt, movement of extruder/T-die in three axis, possibility of top and bottom splicing to name just a few”.

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