Uflex – Low opacity gloss white anti-static twist wrap PE film

INDIA – Candy and confectionery are high impulse buying items therefore the importance of aesthetical packaging cannot be emphasized enough. With this problem statement at hand the films business of India’s multinational flexible packaging materials and solutions company has engineered low opacity, gloss white anti-static twist wrap polyester film Flexpet F-WTG-AS, a bi-axially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) film.

The daunting challenge however with white glossy substrate with a low opacity for imparting superior aesthetics was that during the production of white opaque films the gloss quotient goes down. Owing to its special proprietary resin formulation, Uflex has engineered a white background film which is translucent (less opaque) and also offers high gloss. According to the company, it is for its special FDA approved food compliant antistatic coating recipe that the film exhibits excellent machinability on printing and twist wrap machines. The film can be surface printed or metalized as per the requirements of the buyer. The unprinted substrate by itself can also be readily used by the brands to twist wrap their candies/ confectioneries.

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