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Uteco – Roll out of Sapphire Evo fast and green hybrid printing system

The new Uteco Sapphire EVO hybrid printing press. The four digital print units are positioned on top of the middle section of the machine (Source: Uteco)

ITALY • During a press conference on 18 April 2018 at the ConverDrome, the company rolled out the new hybrid Sapphire EVO package printing press, provided with a Kodak Stream inkjet system.

According to Uteco, this is an ideal solution for hybrid digital and conventional production not only for shorter run lengths but also for the economic production of long-run jobs.


The Sapphire EVO Digital Press utilizes Kodak Stream Inkjet Technology to offer new opportunities for brands and packaging service providers in the high-volume production market using environmentally friendly water-based inks.

Able to run up to 250 m/min (820 fpm), the press uses media up to 650 mm (26”) in width and prints at up to 622 mm (24”) and offers CMYK printing as well as options for in-line priming and varnishing. During the demonstration at the ConverDrome, the press printed a packaging sujet at a running speed of 150 m/min (492 fpm).

Using environmentally friendly water-based inks to print on a variety of flexible substrates, including BOPP, PET and paper, Kodak’s inks and pre-coating fluids used with the Sapphire EVO complies with regulatory requirements for indirect food contact in the EU and the US, as well as brand specific requirements and the EuPIA exclusion list.

Sold worldwide, the Uteco Group will begin installation of the first unit in June 2018 at an Italian flexible packaging producer for the industrial and fashion industries.

Read our extensive report on this new machine and its promising features and capabilities in issue 2-2018 of Flexo & Gravure Global. Stay tuned!


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