Xaar- Latest 5601 print-head at Inprint 2018

ITALY • The manufacturer of equipment for industrial inkjet printing will highlight at InPrint Milan 2018 (20-22 November) how OEMs can use its printheads. (Stand 820)

At the show, the company will celebrate the commercial launch of its 5601 printhead. Eight years in development, it is supposed to generate significant interest with its exceptionally high-resolution print at high speed, and more than 5600 nozzles, capable of jetting up to eight litres of fluid per hour. A growing number of OEMs are developing their print solutions based on the Xaar 5601, such as Windmöller & Hölscher, which was announced earlier this year. Xaar is set to make a further announcement at InPrint 2018.


At InPrint 2018, Xaar will celebrate the commercial launch of its 5601 print-head (Source: Xaar)


Visitors to Xaar’s stand will be able to inspect a range of samples printed by the Xaar 5601, demonstrating why it is the ideal printhead for a range of applications including packaging, textiles, décor and commercial print. They will also be able to view a wide range of Xaar printheads, highlighting key sectors: industrial print; packaging; advanced manufacturing and 3D printing.

The results of another recent innovation – Xaar’s High Laydown (HL) Technology – will be on display. It enables the printing of a range of textured effects on labels, folding cartons and other products. Such high-build, textured embellishments (also called tactile or dimensional effects) can be used to significantly enhance the shelf appeal of products and ensure they stand out on display.

Industry discussions at InPrint 2018

Throughout the show, Xaar’s expertise will be underlined with a number of talks. As InPrint 2018’s official conference partner, the company will take part in a range of industry discussions over the three days. Werner Zapka of Xaar will host the Technical Conference on day one and day two and introduce talks from industry leaders, including two by Xaar engineers Renzo Trip and Tomas Cerny.

Day two will see Jason Remnant, senior product manager, discuss “Keeping up with and getting ahead of the demands of packaging printing with the Xaar 5601”, while on day three, Angus Condie, director of integration and applications, will give a talk on “Latest Developments in using High Laydown Technology for 3D photopolymer printing”. This will detail how HL Technology enables a more diverse fluid portfolio since jetting higher viscosity fluids allows for greater part functionality. Also on day three, Mike Utley will cover the conversion to inkjet in direct to object printing.

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