Zecher – Offering expanded cleaning products

GERMANY • In order for customers to more easily find the products they require to properly clean their anilox rollers, the company is now directly selling a variety of solutions. The new Zecher Anilox Cleaner is offered in four different variants: Aqua/UV Ink, Gel, In-Line, and Washing Machine. According to the company, each type allows a gentle and simultaneously efficient cleaning of anilox rollers. The application possibilities of the cleaning products range from daily use to deep cleaning.

Thomas Reinking, head of sales at Zecher explains the background to the company’s entry into the cleaning product market: “Our customers increasingly ask about cleaning solutions from our company, since Zecher stands for the highest quality and reliable performance in the industry – something that is often lacking in the area of cleaning products. We want to provide our customers with a clearly defined range of cleaning products, geared towards different application possibilities, to make the choice easy.”


Zecher is an international manufacturer of chrome and ceramic anilox rollers. The company produces more than 12,000 engraved print rollers annually, using seventeen laser and ten mechanical engraving machines at its main plant in Paderborn, Germany.

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