Product: Download »Laminating to digitally printed substrates«

Download »Laminating to digitally printed substrates«

A restriction for the digital printing of flexible substrates was the feasibility of lamination. Suppliers developed laminating machines to solve this problem.
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One of the restrictions for the digital printing of flexible substrates has been the feasibility of lamination. Recently, some suppliers developed laminating machines, adhesives and primers which they consider a solution. But have they really solved all the issues?

It’s here, and it’s real. With the advent of digital technology, full width, digital printing presses have finally arrived in a very real way. By now, almost everyone is aware of HP’s digital printing press offering, the Indigo 20000, designed and built to serve the flexible packaging market. In a recent press release, Alon Bar-Shany, Vice president and General Manager, HP Indigo Division discussed the seemless integration of printing and laminating for flexible packaging. “As we drive the digital revolution in flexible packaging, it’s important that our customers benefit from the full value of digital across the printing, converting and lamination processes,” said Bar-Shany, “With the Comexi Nexus L20000, converters will be able to increase speed to market to further maximise the benefits of digital printing with the HP Indigo 20000.”

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