Product: Flexo Gravure & Global Digital 3/2018

Flexo Gravure & Global Digital 3/2018

Topics of the current issue: Compact lamination machines (Part 1) +++ What will the package print shop of the future look like? +++ Sense and nonsense of ...
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Product news

  • The doctor blade – a crucial factor in expanded gamut printing
  • Appreciating the “K1 Technology” from Epsilon Rollers
  • A new spreader roller system to avoid film wrinkling
  • Anti-counterfeit packaging to rule out product piracy
  • The Symbiex solventless lamination technology
  • Automating quality control for gravure cylinder preparation
  • ESA – a reliable technology not just for gravure package printing
  • Centralised distillation and distribution of solvents
  • PU resins for flexible packaging
  • News on products and technologies


  • Compact lamination machines – An overview – Part 1
  • Vacuum metallization of polyethylene films
  • What will the package print shop of the future look like?
  • Sense and nonsense of packaging
  • Packaging with “Touch & Feel”

Special: Digital Printing today

  • Latest news on technologies, products and companies


  • Investing in the production of gravure cylinders and embossing rollers
  • Plate mounting tape performance check
  • Embellished packaging – benefits, impact and design

EFIA · FTA Europe

  • Latest news from the European Flexographic Industry Association

Market and events

  • Is there an expanding flexo market in Southeast Asia?
  • Cradle to cradle – a tangible vision?
  • Using less packaging makes sense

Industry news

  • High-precision digital image-setters
  • Static control and Industry 4.0
  • News about companies and associations


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