Bobst – Flexible packaging and label roadshow in Vietnam

The audience of Vietnamese printers and converters attending the Bobst & Partners roadshow in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) (Source: Bobst)
VIETNAM • Bobst and industry partners Coim, Daetwyler SwissTec, Esko, Jindal, Kodak, Macchi and Siegwerk convened at Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to meet with decision makers of the local label and packaging industries and present equipment and consumables technology updates and trends.

Interview Series: What do UK companies think about printing for food packaging?

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JFM has worked hard to standardise the prepress process and implement ­technology to meet evolving customer needs
In order to address increasing concerns about plastic waste and food safety, several printers and suppliers in the UK and Ireland were asked for their thoughts on what many consider to be a growing crisis. The European Flexographic Industry Association approached its members about this topic and found that innovation is the dominant response to…

What now for lamination?

RK Print Coat’s Rotary Coater is able to undertake hot melt extrusion coating using two different methods depending upon the viscosity of the hot melt
Why do we laminate and why has it, over the years, become such an increasingly important production process? The short answer, perhaps, is that lamination allows for an almost unlimited range of often very dissimilar materials and structures to be economically combined in order that unique performance benefits can be obtained that would be difficult…

“Flexible packaging as a huge opportunity” – An interview with MPS on hybrid printing

Bert van den Brink, technical director at MPS (Source: MPS Systems)
THE NETHERLANDS • Hybrid printing – this term has been used in the printing and converting industry for a long time. What is new about the inline combination of different processes? Bert van den Brink, technical director from MPS Systems talked to NarrowWebTech editor Rosina Obermayer about the role of significance of digital and hybrid printing…

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Digital Printing today 1-2018

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Digital printing opens up a perspective, with which all today’s label and packaging printers have to deal. In the first edition of our special “Digital Printing today” 2018 these articles – among others – inform you about the latest trends in digital printing: “Expanding flexible packaging and label opportunties” by Armin Karl Geiger and “Printed…