Asahi Photoproducts – David Galton recognised by EFIA for outstanding contribution

Paul Brown Imaging Ltd
(Left to right:) Mark McKee (managing director JFM Plates), Dr David Galton and Hal Cruttenden at the awarding ceremony in Birmingham (Source: Asahi Photoproducts)
UK • The company’s European Sales Director, Dr David Galton has been recognised by the European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) for his outstanding contribution to the flexo industry. This lifetime achievement award is the highest honour awarded by EFIA. The EFIA Awards 2018 were held at The Vox Centre in Birmingham, on 14th March.

Vianord Engineering – Evo 5 Fusion E flexo plate production line introduced

Vianord and partner Esko have introduced the new Evo 5 Fusion platemaking system (Source, Vianord)
FRANCE • Together with its partner Esko, Vianord personalised a purpose-made Smart-Bridge that intelligently connects the fully automated platemaking EVO 5 system to Esko’s linear CDI Crystal 5080 XPS, where the plate is initially imaged and then is simultaneously exposed through the base and at the back. This configuration is named Evo 5 Fusion E. The…

Glatz Klischee – Investment in Esko XPS Crystal 5080

Glatz Klischee has installed an Esko XPS Crystal 5080 to help ensure print quality (Source, Glatz)
BELGIUM • Since UV exposure is a crucial step in stable and consistent flexo plate making, the Austrian prepress service provider installed Esko’s new XPS Crystal 5080. Glatz’s management determined that UV plate exposure was a weak link in the process and that traditional light tube exposure units have reached their limits.

MacDermid Graphic Solutions – Plates for EFIA award winners

Many winners at this year’s EFIA Annual Print Awards used MacDermid flexo plate technologies (Source, EFIA)
UK • One of the winners at this year’s European Flexographic Industry Association’s annual print awards gala was MacDermid Graphics Solutions since that company’s flexo plate technologies were utilized by many winning entries across multiple categories. This included the Lux lamination process, Lux In-The-Plate (ITP) flat-top dot technology, and Digital MAF with an engineered dot…

AV Flexologic – launches new semi-automatic mounting machine, claims it to be the world’s fastest

Flexologic claims their newest automatic flexo plate mounting machine is the fastest in the world
FRANCE • Presented to the public for the first time at the All4Pack 2016 in Paris, France, the new SAMM 2.0 is Flexologic’s newest automatic flexo plate mounting machine. The company claims it is fastest mounting machine in the world, featuring a mounting speed of only 30 seconds per plate.

Vianord Engineering – Opens first Customer Technology Centre in France

From left to right: Pascal Miola, global technical director Vianord; Martin Purdy, production manager Schawk Manchester; Massimiliano Merlo, global director marketing & sales Vianord; Heinz Baldrman, global senior technical manager Schawk
FRANCE • Following four consecutive years of growth, Vianord Engineering’s leadership has decided to expand their corporate headquarters and set-up a new Customer Technology Centre in Carros, near Nice in the south of France, located right between R&D and production.

Vianord Engineering – Enhanced flexo plate makers released, Indian partner announced

The Evo 3 EDLF New consists of an exposure section, a 4-drawer dryers and light finisher
FRANCE • Vianord Engineering, suppliers of flexographic plate-making systems for conventional and digital plates, announced it has developed and introduced the new Evo 3 ELF New and EDLF New. They are intend to make any existing combined exposure, dryer and light finisher units obsolete; irrespectively of the brand or the manufacturer, the company said.