Tresu/Lohmann – Collaboration to show quality of flexo on carton packaging

Using Tresu’s Flexo Innovator printing line, with Lohmann’s compressible Duploflex 5.2 foam mounting tape, the companies reproduced in 60lpc resolution an 1889 self-portrait by Vincent van Gogh (Source: Tresu)
DENMARK/GERMANY • Flexo machine and equipment provider Tresu and mounting tape manufacturer Lohmann have collaborated to show how flexo printing can efficiently meet brand-owners’ expectations for high-quality, impactful folding carton packaging.

Daetwyler Swisstec – Doctor blades for flexo and gravure applications

The doctor blades of the Goldstar range for flexo printing are provided with a very hard base coating (Source: Daetwyler Swisstec)
As a manufacturer of high quality consumables for the printing industry, Daetwyler Swisstec develops and produces high-precision and coated doctor blades for application in gravure and flexo printing. These products are said to meet the highest quality standards and offer respective benefits for clients worldwide. Daetwyler Shanghai, a subsidiary of Daetwyler Group in China, together…

Applied Laser Engineering – Harmony for engraving applications

The Harmony 500 watt laser system operates in CW and pulsed modes, implying that metals, ceramics and polymeric can all be engraved with one laser (Source: ALE)
Applied Laser Engineering (ALE) designs and manufactures a range of laser engraving and scanning systems. Its engraving systems utilise state of the art laser technology for engraving, texturing, imaging and micromachining the surface of cylindrical printing formes that are used in a variety of printing, embossing or texturing applications. Though all current ALE machines engrave onto…

Asahi Photoproducts – Wikoff Color signed as U.S. distributor

From left to right: Greg Burch, vice president regional operations & corporate accounts; Aki Kato, managing director Asahi Photoproducts; Joe Kubasiak, market manager flexible packaging; Sam Yamamoto, general manager of Asahi Kasei Corp., Photoproducts Sales and Marketing Dept. (Source: Asahi Photoproducts)
BELGIUM • The supplier of photopolymer flexo plate systems has signed Wikoff Color Corporation as a U.S. distributor. According to the company, the intension of this addition is to broaden Asahi’s U.S. footprint and bringing its solutions closer to the customer.