Amut/Erema – Open house: From PET bottles straight to packaging

Michael Buchberger, sales manager, and Christoph Wöss, business development manager, in front of the Vacurema in the production hall at Erema (Source: Erema)
ITALY • Both companies invite guests to experience the closed material loop of PET first-hand from 28 to 31 May 2018. Washed post-consumer PET bottle flakes will be recycled live at the Amut headquarters in Novara, Italy, to make food contact grade thermoforming sheet in a direct process.

Bobst – Claims the AluBond process is a breakthrough in high metal adhesion

Bobst’s new AluBond provides high metal adhesion and surface energy levels through vaccum metalization (Source: Bobst)
SWITZERLAND • Generally, the printing industry is dealing with the common problem of poor metal adhesion due to de-lamination. Traditional metallization, even with plasma treatment, can result in poor metal to polymer substrate bonding. This produces de-lamination which leads to packaging failure and results in product rejects and loss of reputation. Part of the problem is…

Print4All – International brand leaders continue to sign up

Print4All will take place at Fiera Milano (Source: Print4All)
ITALY • Canon and Agfa, among others, have recently confirmed their presence at the upcoming congress. Moreover, according to the organisers, many more major converting and package printing brands have also chosen to support the project. This helps ensure that, culminating in Print4All itself (taking place from 29 May to 1 June at Fiera Milano), the…

Michelman – Innovation Centre for Coatings incubator opens in India

Michelman plans to help shape the future of packaging in India (Source: Michelman)
USA • Located in central Mumbai, the Centre is designed to allow all members of the packaging value chain to participate in the design and production of sustainable packaging. Backed by over 70 years of water-based coating expertise, and outfitted with new state-of-the-art equipment, the Michelman Innovation Centre for Coating (MICC) is strategically designed for fast…

Shin Han – Chooses Vetaphone to help boost export drive

Yong Wan Kim, managing director at Shin Han, chose Vetaphone to help the company develop its sales in Europe and North America (Source: Shin Han)
SOUTH KOREA • Established in 1981 by CEO Mr Jae-Gil Yoo, Shin Han has expanded to become a supplier of complete extrusion and laminating lines. Initially specialising in cast extrusion before moving into lamination in 1984, the company also began to manufacture rotogravure printing presses in 1987 and exported its first machine in the early 90s…

Uflex to display Fully Automatic Co-Extrusion Laminator at PLASTINDIA 2018

Uflex will be featuring its co-extrusion lamination machine at this year’s PLASTINDIA running from 7 to 12 February in Ahmedabad (Source, Uflex)
INDIA • Extrusion Lamination is becoming increasingly popular due to the alleviation of solvents and compounds used in adhesives. This rules out white base ink-printing of the ensuing laminate by using master-batch in the extrudate that renders it white thereby bringing immense cost savings to the convertor. According to Uflex this also enhances bond strength while…

Acucote – Winding technology for tailor-made product solutions

Acucote’s newest RMAP rewinder from Martin Automatic rewinds siliconised rolls of film, paper and paperboard—and even supports the dryer of the coating line (Source: Nick Coombes)
USA • Established 30 years ago and still under family ownership, Acucote Inc. of Graham, North Carolina has five regional slitting and distribution plants around the US and currently employs 140 people including a national sales network.

Caihua – Acquires new Comexi CI8 offset press

The Chinese printing firm, Caihua, has acquired its first CI8 offset press, that now joins a fleet of Comexi press machines (Source, Comexi)
SPAIN • The Chinese firm has just acquired a new Comexi CI8 offset press which joins a fleet of Comexi’s laminators and slitters at its headquarters in near Shanghai. Though this is Caihua’s first offset printing press, three years ago the company acquired three other Spainish-made Comexi machines as well.

Vetaphone – Second corona unit installed by Worthen, will others follow?

The 1920 mm (76") VE1B corona treater is installed at Worthen’s plant in Nashua, NH (Source, Vetaphone)
USA • After a year of near continuous service, a second 1920 mm (76”) Vetaphone VE1B corona treater has been installed on another of Worthen Industries’ specially adapted coating lines. Requiring treatment performance with superior dyne levels that doesn’t create pinholes, the company prints across a range of substrates from foam run at 9 m/min (30…